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2012 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Car Features:

- Five Seats

- Back Up Camera

- Heated and Cooled

Front and Rear Seats 

- Bluetooth

- USB Hook Ups

- Rear TV Monitors

- Snow Tires for Winter

- Sirius XM Radio

- Automatic Transmission

Driving around the park with 500 horsepower under the hood makes for a great day. This is a great car to take around the valley and not just enjoy the scenery but also enjoy the feeling of driving a sports car. If you are looking for something unique to drive as well as enough room for four adults this is a great option. 

Check Out Prices and Availability


$175 - $225 

Per Day


15 MPG highway

22 MPG City


Seats up to five people but four adults is a better fit.


What is not to love about driving around in a turbo charged SUV?


Bobby was awesome to work with! Definitely recommend his jeep to anyone travelling around the Jackson Hole area.

—  Westley, NC

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